May we first of all welcome you @ Carviar.

Why should i use Carviar?

We are starting to live in a small world where the borders are blurring and it’s becoming easier and easier to purchase your next car far beyond the country’s borders. This is certainly the case when it comes to high end luxury cars.

The only question is “Where should we start our search?” and this is exactly why the platform is being founded.

What Carviar does.

The main goal of Carviar is centralizing Premium Car Dealers on one single platform so visitors or potential buyers can easily discover witch high end car dealers are to discover in various countries.

In addition, it is possible to find out which dealers have certain type of cars in stock.

How to search?

There are several ways to find a Premium Car Dealer on Carviar but the most specific one is by starting to type in the “Brand” field.
Only available cars will appear and at least one Premium Car Dealer on Carviar will have this type car in stock if you haven’t chosen a country yet. After selecting search you will discover these dealer(s) and you can now choose your preferred country.

HEEEELP!!! I found no Dealer? No worries.

If the type of car you desire does not appear while typing in the Brand search engine, it means that no Premium Car Dealer has this type of car in stock.

Please fill out the contact form, give the specifications about the car you are looking for.

Lay back, relax, Carviar does the rest.

Help us keep Carviar up to date.

If you notice that a dealer appears in the search results and he doesn’t have that type of car in stock, we ask our visitors to report this and we contact the dealer to point out that his offer should be correct.

Carviar is open to recieve tips on how to make the platform even more user-friendly and efficient.